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To fly operations in the specific category you must prepare a SORA-application (Specific Operations Risk Assessment), which must be approved by the CAA. This type of application entails an Operations Manual, a Contingency Plan, and a Technical Manual, which includes a technical examination of the drone.

It is also a requirement that the drone pilot is trained according to the current statutory provisions for flying in the specific category.

You will need a SORA if you want to:

  • Fly with a C3 marked drone or an unmarked drone (Legacy drones above 2 kg in city areas)
  • Fly with a C2 marked drone in areas where it is not possible to maintain the necessary safety distance to all involved persons
  • Fly unmarked (not C-marked) drones above 250 grams in the city areas
  • Fly at a height above 120 meters
  • Fly a drone that has a weight above 25 kg
  • Fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)
  • Fly a drone with a payload that will be droped from the drone
  • Fly drones autonomously, i.e. flying drones where the drone operator does not have the possibility to take control of the drone
  • Fly with dangerous goods
  • Fly with a spraying drone

There are many grey areas in relation to the above examples, which will also require a SORA to be in compliance with the law.

If you are in doubt, then contact Scandinavian Drone Solutions for guidance and help in determining the right course of action.

Scandinavian Drone Solutions will help you all the way through drafting the application, submission of the application, and the cooperation with the CAA for final approval.

Prices start at 7,500 DKK ex. VAT

Operations Manual

It is the responsibility of the Drone Operator to have operational procedures in place, which will ensure that all drone pilots are aware and adhere to the rules and regulations for drone operations.

SDS will help you prepare the documentation in the form of an Operations Manual, which will facilitate the necessary level of knowledge in your organisation in regards to the law and regulation. In addition SDS will help you devise procedures that ensure that your Operations Manual is always up to date and in compliance with the current regulation.

A proficiency check will document that the responsible persons in the organisation as a Drone Operator, are capable of checking that the personnel are using the procedures drafted in the Operations Manual.

It is the EU-regulation 2019/947 and 2019/945 that regulates the area, which is complemented with the regulation BEK 2253 in Danish law.

The Operation Manuals written by SDS will ensure compliance to all these regulations.

To comply with the regulations 5 main components are needed:

  1. A SORA report – A separate document
  2. Concept of Operations (ConOps) – Contained in the Operations Manual
  3. Operations Manual
  4. Emergency Response Plan – Contained in the Operations Manual
  5. Technical Description of the UAS and the Payload

Scandinavian Drone Solutions will ensure that the Operations Manual is not only in compliance with all rules and regulations, but that the manual followed properly will in fact lead to a safe flight.

Compliance Check

Scandinavian Drone Solutions recommend a pre-audit, which will ascertain that both procedures and execution are in compliance with the CAA's rules and regulations.

All procedures and documentation are checked.

In effect the compliance check is a mini-audit prepared in the same way the CAA would.

Scandinavian Drone Solutions recommend that a first compliance check is done 6 months after the first flight. After that a yearly check will suffice.

The compliance check will entail :

  • Run-through of the planning of operations and the actual execution
  • Audit of the operation manuals
  • Investigation into the log books
  • Run-through of maintenance documentaion
  • Corrective measures implemented from documented events

Prices from 6,500 DKK ex. VAT.

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