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Beta-version is currenty being tested by a selected group of drone specialists. Coming soon in the official app stores.

Plan your drone flight

Checklist incorporated

SORA implementation

Pilot and drone Logbook

Preflight Planning Checklist

The app provides a checklist to guide you through all the regulatory requirements for a compliant flight.

This ensures that you have documented all your correct preparations, for both insurance purposes and for the CAA.

In addition the app gives you an overview and facilitates drafting of all the planning needed for a safe mission.

Automated Log-book

The app provides a clear and easy way of capturing all the logs that are required to be in compliance with the law and the guidelines from the CAA.

Using the app in integration with the controller will facilitate automatic recording of the logs for ease of use.

Over and above the logs are kept stored for future retrieval should it be required by insurance or the CAA.

Clear and easy use with semi-automation.

Log storage for future reference.

Compliance with the law and the guidelines from the CAA.

Straightforward traceability for insurance.

Safety first

The app provides maps with mapping of all drones in the area as well as other airborne vessels, through a unique data-capture-engine using Remote-ID, Radar, ADS-B, TCAS and information from the CAA about danger areas and restricted areas.

This is combined with weather information and several other data sources, to ensure a level of safety beyond the legal requirements.

Additional features

Easy and simple to use

Shows the regulatory requirements

Easy to plan your mission

Logs all the regulatory required times

Makes drone safety and compliance easy

Easy drone pilot planning tool

Planning on the go

Integrated SORA

Regulatory approval under SDS LUC

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